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The Initial Differences Among Leggings, Tights and Pantyhose

Initially, "leggings" referred to the colorful footless silk body stockings, which was a prevalence around 2008. They were much likely to first have come into vogue in Europe and America, and then prevailed into Korea and Japan. They are slightly thicker than the traditional body stockings. They were so popular that almost every girl once wore them. Because they look like both trousers and socks, they match well with miniskirts and long T-shirts with a variety of available combinations. Later, people developed leggings by giving them various patterns such as leopard print, tiger print and mesh, through which skin can be seen to strengthen feminine charm. In Japan, a new kind of silk leggings are produced by spraying paints on the body by leggings manufacturers, which is just as likely to be the next fashion trend.

initial differences among leggings, tights,pantyhose

"Tights" (British English) mainly refer to skintight body stockings. And the American-English term “pantyhose” means a combination of panty and hose. "Tights" cover all levels of thickness while in America they refer to body-stockings-alike garments which are thick and opaque, usually worn by women, dancers, and athletes.

"Pantyhose“ (American English) traditionally refers to body stockings as well. In America, Pantyhose means a combination of panty and hose, as has been mentioned, which requires no more long johns inside.

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