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Brief Introduction of Seamless Circular Knitting Machine

Seamless circular knitting machine overview

Seamless circular knitting machine is a new and special production equipment for producing seamless knitwear. Statistics show that seamless and traditional knitting accounted for 40% and 60% of the global knitted underwear market respectively in 2010.

In recent years, with the world textile layout to Asia, China has more and more enterprises engaged in the production of seamless clothing. Domestic seamless clothing market is very potential whether in domestic sales or foreign trade. Seamless clothing sales, directly stimulate the domestic and foreign seamless underwear equipment manufacturers into the white-hot competition stage. Therefore, seamless underwear knitting machine in the Chinese market has great potential.

introduction of circular knitting machine

The history of seamless circular knitting machine

The world's first circular knitting machine was developed by the Italian company SANGIA COMO in 1984. As the world's leading maker of seamless knitting machines, SANGIA COMO once had a duel with SANTONI company had become a situation but since 1997, due to reasons, such as equipment market operating stability, SANGIA COMO 's market share lags far behind the SANTONI. In July 2004, SANGIA announced to join the SANTONI's Italian LONATI group, with the aid of the group's overall resources, its seamless underwear machine sales began to pick up.

The applications of circular knitting machine

The circular knitting machine is suitable for clothing, ornaments series, bedding, car cover, non-woven bag, leather lace, pajamas, underwear, pillowcases, bed covers, seat covers, curtains, raincoats, umbrellas, tents, shoes and hats products, disposable non-woven operating clothes, masks, medical eye masks and so on.

seamless circular knitting machine introduction

The market demands of circular knitting machine

Seamless underwear (what is seamless underwear?) is the computer seamless knitting machine production of a molding underwear, the use of high-tech seamless processing technology, from yarn to underwear, no need to cut and sew, so that the neck, waist, buttocks and other parts without seam, set comfort, fashion, change in one. By the end of December 2009, zhejiang Yiwu alone has more than 100 seamless clothing enterprises, with an annual output of 110 million sets of seamless underwear, 450 million pairs of shorts, and an output value of RMB 7.5 billion.

Most underwear produced in China is exported. In 2005, a total of 5.384 billion underwear was exported, which has increased to 7.307 billion in 2010, with a compound growth rate of 6.3%, maintaining a relatively stable development trend.

The development of the downstream industry directly led to the upstream computer seamless underwear machine demand. In 2008, China's seamless circular knitting machine market demand is about 1300 units, about 1,400 units in 2009. But in 2010, it quickly climbed to nearly 6,000 units, showing a rapid development trend, but these equipment mainly rely on imports, the current market is mainly occupied by SANTONI and SANGIACOMO. In 2010, the company with the highest production volume was SANTONI (Shanghai) Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. established by Shanghai SANTONI, while Ningbo Yuren Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. was the local enterprise with the highest sales volume.

Due to the late start, there is still a gap between the domestic computer seamless knitting machine and the international level in terms of variety, performance and degree of automation, especially in the field of electrical control system which is the core of a seamless knitting machine. But through the efforts in recent years, domestic machine and the gap between imported products gradually narrowed, the basic can achieve 80%~90% of the function of imported products. With the continuous progress of domestic local enterprises' technology and the gradual improvement of their functions, they will gradually replace imported machines in the future, so as to usher in a broader market space.

In addition, due to seamless clothing’s less cutting, less seam and close-fitting characteristics, it has become the high-end underwear consumer market products, and be gradually accepted. With the rise of domestic income level and the improvement of people's comfort level of underwear wearing, many seamless clothing and seamless leggings manufacturers realized that the demand of seamless circular knitting machine market will expand rapidly, which will directly drive the development of knitting machine. It is expected that the next five years will be its high-speed development period, the annual compound growth rate is expected to reach more than 25%.

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